Linebery Windmill Park

On the 28 acre park grounds sit over 70 historic windmills. Some of these mills actually pump water from a well and others are set up to recirculate water from a tank, while others are simply showing their historic beauty.

Flowerdew Hundred Post Mill

Hundred Postmill is now assembled on the grounds of the American Windmill Museum.

The first windmill to be built in North America was constructed in 1621 for Sir George Yeardley on his plantation, Flowerdew Hundred, in Virginia. The original windmill was destroyed in a storm, but remains were found in later excavations.

In 1978 a new, commemorative windmill was built at Flowerdew Hundred incorporating features that illustrate the development of English windmill technology through the 18th century. In the summer of 2010 this commemorative mill was moved from Virginia to its current home in Lubbock, Texas and is one of the very few working Post-Mills in the Western Hemisphere.