Wind Energy Experience Center

The Wind Energy Experience at the American Wind Power Center is now Open!

Coy's turbine1WingenThis new exciting wing showcases the Wingen turbine, an electric producing wind turbine that was manufactured in Lubbock, Texas in the 1970’s.  This model is interactive with a button that can be pushed and it will run through as complete blade pitching cycle.  It also houses several more of our historic wind                                                   turbines.   Some dating back to the 1920’s

Almost 4000 feet of “G” scale train track run around the building with a helix that allows the trains to run up above your head and around the building.   Thomas and his Family are here along with a Circus Train, a Military Train and several others.



Several of Alta Reeds miniature houses are incorporated into the early 1900’s scenery of the trains and the remainder of her collection is housed under glass on the south west corner of the new wing.













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