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(101-1040) The Wind at Work
An Activity Guide to Windmills and wind related projects.  Great classroom aid.

Sales Price: $16.95
(201-1240) Wind At Work - CD
Interactive CD-Rom compatable with Windows and Macintosh computers.  Great for use in the computer work station or print the activities to be used away from the computer also.

Sales Price: $16.00
(201-1250) Wind Machines - Power From The Wind DVD
A 45 minute Windmill Documentary designed for use in the classroom or home featuring exciting dramatizations and animations.  This film captures the history of human use of the wind from ancient times to the present.  It surprises the view with many old wind machines actually working and includes the erection of a large wind turine, with views from the ground to the top.

Sales Price: $14.99
(121-1180) Puddle Jumpers
Orville Wright Commemorative Puddle Jumper.  Handcrafted and representative of a pioneer days toy, complete with Technical Flight Manual to assit the student in becomming an expert flight technician. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow or Natural wood with the American Wind Power Center Logo.

Sales Price: $3.79
Qty: Color    
(121-1181) Finger Top
The top is an ancient toy dating back to the beginning of recorded history.  Scientific principles are employeed in the basic operations.  Top comes with Basic Operation and Tricks Instruction Booklet and is available in Red, Green, Blue or Yellow.

Sales Price: $2.99
Qty: Color    
(101-1041) Generating Wind Power
Paperback 32 pages photos and facts regarding Wind Power on a timeline from 3200 B.C. to the present day.  Author Niki Walker

Sales Price: $8.95
(101-1042) Wind the World Over
Hardback 30 pages.  Two children visit ancient Persia, Imperial China, medieval Europe, and rural America for first-hand views of wind power throughout history.  Authors: Irene Boland and Vanessa Kellogg.  Illustrated by Tamberley Thomas.

Sales Price: $14.95
(101-1700) The Runaway Windmill - Hank the Cowdog series
Audio Book from the Hank the Cowdog series.  "The Runaway Windmill"

When an enemy spy (in a chicken suit!) sneaks on the ranch, It's going to be a wild day for Hank.  Will Hank be able to protect the ranch and some newfound valuables of his?  But hank's biggest challenge will be weather he (and Drover) can lead a rescue to same Slim from is ride on a Runaway Windmill!

Sales Price: $12.99
(101-1701) The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog
Meet Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security and follow him in his ranch adventures, from tangeling with coyotes to saving the ranch hands from disaster, this fun playful cowdog is a delightful read.   4th Grade Reading level.

Part of the Hank the Cowdog series.

Sales Price: $5.99
(101-1702) The Case of the Perfect Dog - Hank the Cowdog series
Join Hank and his new friend Happy as they solve mysteries and help the ranch hands  with the windmill and lots of other adventures.

4th Grade Reading level.

Sales Price: $5.99

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